Biological Focus

There is a growing demand for crop solutions that:
  • are environmentally friendly
  • have a minimum impact on beneficial organisms
  • are safe to use with a low-to-no residue, or even a no-pesticide approach in food production

Additionally, there is also a strong focus on bio-stimulants and the new effective products that can be implemented to achieve specific responses in the plant. The importance of root health and root conditioning has become prevalent. We can achieve a positive impact on sustainability for current and future generations by focusing on long-term soil enhancing practices.

The InteliBio Solutions Approach focuses on three key aspects

Bio-Control Different biological control agents are integrated as part of an IPM strategy and are used to produce low-to-no residue or pesticide-free crops. The products in this range include specific viruses, micro-organisms, macro-organisms, plant extracts, mass trapping techniques, and mating disruption. These products have no negative impact on the environment, can safely be used by growers, and have no residues on the crops, therefore is very safe for the end-user.
Bio-Stimulants Bio-Stimulants focus on plant stress, plant growth and yield. Amino acids, kelp-based products and PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators) form the basis of the bio-stimulant range of products.
Bio-Inoculants Bio-Inoculants focus on root health and conditioning to ensure better water and nutrient uptake. This range of products consists primarily of specific micro-organisms that form a symbiotic relationship with the plant roots. When incorporated as part of the plant nutritional approach, chemical fertiliser inputs are managed responsibly and the impact of nitrogen leaching is minimised. The Controlled Release technology from Haifa also fits in well with this approach as very little leaching takes place and the environment around the CRF granular is favourable for micro-organisms to grow.

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