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Success in agriculture increasingly depends on informed and accurate decision-making, from the type of crop and cultivar to plant in a specific field, to the correct plant nutrition and crop protection measures to apply at the right time. Against this backdrop, InteliGro launched the Intelekt Solutions project to generate credible scientific data that help improve farmers deicions-making. InteliGro studies conducted under the Intelekt Solutions banner supplement research done by Universities, Agricultural Research Council (ARC) and our Supplier Partners.

The Intelekt Solutions data generated aims to provide you as farmer with the best independent data to improve your Return on Investment.


  • Jean van Niekerk, who farms near Caledon: "Testing different fungicides on large fields involves a lot of variables," he says. “With the Intelekt Solutions we see everything in one place. It makes my choice of fungus control programmes much easier, and is definitely a value addition to my production of wheat, barley and canola."
  • For Boeta Wessels from Bredasdorp seeing is believing: "The trials and the demonstration and information days help the producer to choose the right control strategies, and to confirm the importance of, for example, fungus control."
  • Jacques Bester from the Riebeeck area in the Swartland appreciates the thoroughness with which fungicides are tested under different conditions. "The Intelekt Solutions platform gives me the necessary information to make the right cultivar decisions."
  • Marnus Kotzé from the Moorreesburg area in the Swartland gives thanks to the pioneering work done annually by InteliGro Intelekt Solutions: "It sets a new standard in the industry by helping farmers to be at the forefront of best farming practices. In today's challenging market, the research reports provided by InteliGro Intelekt Solutions are important for every farm in the country."

Reliable data collected using scientifically-based trials drive Intelekt Solutions.
These trials are conducted with the help of independent research companies.
InteliGro has been developing this concept on different crop segments, and the information gathered through this programme provides valuable insights to the InteliGro Crop Advisors and ultimately, our clients.
We further ensure that growers access information through hosted demonstrations and information days.

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