Supportive Technological and Scientific tools

In this ever-changing world, it is important to keep up with technology, and we can help you with that - monitoring, record keeping, farm tasks - it has never been easier! InteliGro identified supportive technology as a key driver in delivering a better service to our clients.

Decision making based on real-time data has become a necessity in agriculture and InteliGro incorporates this into the value-added service to our clients.

Informed and accurate decision-making!

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CropWatch Africa monitoring platform

The CropWatch Africa Platform is an all-in-one, integrated platform for viewing and comparing data images using a GIS Canvas, creating mobile data collection applications and reporting to view and analyse data. InteliGro and CropWatch Africa work together to bring you this user-friendly technology platform to simplify important farm data in a visual and usable format to help with effective farm management. Different aspects of farming can be integrated onto one platform, which will help with data collection, decision-making, reporting and the communication of specific actions.

Effective and user-friendly pest and disease monitoring.

Integration of different data platforms and farm visit reports.

Purposeful farm management tools customised to your needs.

Find the best spray calibration for your crop

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DropSight Deposition Tracer

  • improve spray applications
  • reduce the risk of poor control
  • optimise the use of expensive resources
  • minimise the impact of contamination on natural resources

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The InteliGro Intelekt app

The Intelekt app was developed for internal purposes to give our Crop Advisors an advantage in the field, and provide farmers with the best information at hand, all with the purpose to improve our service delivery and manage data effectively.

Some functions include:

  1. The collection and sharing product labels for immediate availability
  2. The sending field visit reports
  3. Generation of online recommendations
  4. Generation of spray instructions
  5. General data management
  6. Streamlining record keeping

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