Stewardship and Training

We understand that we all have a responsibility to look after the environment, to get more results, with less contamination on natural resources.

By ensuring the correct use of agri-products and effective application practices, we not only ensure the responsible use of agrochemical products, but also accept responsibility for safeguarding the environment and the wellbeing of humans and animals.


Spray Clinics

Growers rightly say that the most expensive spray application is the second – or wrong – one.

Spray clinics by InteliGro now help to ensure that the first application is the best and the only one. The purpose of the spray clinics is to give crop protection products the best possible chance to be used cost-effectively and with the most effective results.

Without crop protection products (chemical or biological) it would be impossible to produce sufficient food for the increasing global population. However, this valuable input has to be used safely and responsibly in the long-term interest of the environment, humans and animals, in addition to preventing the development of resistance against specific products. The emphasis is therefore on using the right product, for the right reason at the right time.

Spray operators receive short, practical presentations done in the audience’s home language. These are followed by demonstrations that explain the principles and practices that were discussed. This is the part of the workshop that deals with the responsible use of products. It includes topics such as how to accurately read and interpret the product label, why it is important to closely adhere to the safety measures and how to dispose of empty containers.



InteliGro places strong emphasis on responsible agricultural practices and accounting. One of the important aspects that is a core part of the industry's stewardship programme, is the management of empty containers. As far as empty container management is concerned, there are also several collection points across the country where empty containers can be unloaded. The most important factor, however, is the correct handling of empty containers before they are delivered to the collection points in order to be accepted. The responsibility of empty container management rests on everyone in the channel's shoulders, suppliers/manufacturers, distribution companies and producers.



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